Penistone and Stocksbridge

Miriam Cates is our MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge

Miriam Cates is the Conservative MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge after being elected at the General Election in December.

Miriam is married with three children, owns a software company and is a fully qualified science teacher.

A parish councillor in the constituency, Miriam is the first ever Conservative MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge.

She campaigns on delivering housing that is sensitive to local communities, improving public transport infrastructure and raising educational standards.

Miriam says, “I am proud to call this area my home, and my commitment to our local community will enable me to represent the people of Penistone and Stocksbridge with real integrity.

“I want to stand up for Yorkshire values of hard work, fairness and community spirit and make sure we all have the opportunity to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.”