Penistone and Stocksbridge

Nicola Wilson- Penistone & Stocksbridge

Nicola and her husband run their own business in Sheffield and Nicola decided to get involved in politics in 2015 as she believed we need more people involved who have real life experience especially in business. Having started her career on the factory floor for a Marks and Spence supplier in Rotherham she has worked for various M&S suppliers across Yorkshire for over 15 years prior to setting up a family business.

Nicola’s primary focus for Stocksbridge & Penistone is for the funding and performance of schools in the constituency. Due to previously poor Offsted reports in many schools she will challenge and address what can be done to improve them and enhance the children’s education experience.

She will fight for a fairer deal for Stocksbridge & Penistone in all national funding formulae.

Nicola will work with the local police authorities to ensure that we are properly protected from recent increased incidents of theft and attempted burglaries in the area.

Nicola continues to work with local businesses to ensure they are given increased opportunities, such as the introduction of free WIFI in Penistone Market Barn allowing traders to accept card payments.

Nicola will only support any housing development that has the possibility to introduce the full infrastructure required to support it. Increased development would require extra facilities to ensure that it does not put a strain on current resources. Green-belt restrictions will be enforced to ensure harmonious planning.

Regarding transport links, Nicola will campaign and make the case for increased investment in the areas’ rail and bus networks to ensure both business and residents can benefit from improved access.