Crime and Policing Survey

Please complete this Crime and Policing Survey. I want to hear the views of people across South Yorkshire. Whilst I have spoken to many people and organisations over the past year, it is vital that I understand you particular experiences, concerns and ideas to reduce crime and let people simply get on with their lives and livelihoods in safety as we struggle to tackle Covid-19 and work together to re-build our economy. 

David Chinchen

Conservative Candidate

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Crime and Policing in South Yorkshire

  • 1 Current 1.0 Crime and you
  • 2 2.0 Local Policing: Your view
  • 3 3.0 Contacting the police
  • 4 4.0 Support for victims
  • 5 5.0 Perception of crime
  • 6 6.0 About you
  • 7 Your details
1.1 In the last five years do you think crime in your area has:
1.2 Have you personally been a victim of crime in the last five years?
1.3 If yes, what type of crime have you been a victim of?
1.4 Did you report the crime to the police?
1.5 If not, what was your reason for not reporting the crime?