This situation contains information about Barnsley Conservatives

Amanda Ford- Candidate for Barnsley Central.

Amanda Ford is a working mother of three, having spent 27 years working in the NHS as a Nurse, midwife Health visitor and Inspector for the Department of Health with her specialty being safeguarding (child protection). Uniquely in the past also working as a nurse and midwife with the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.

She spent her formative years living in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. She is currently a district Councillor in Devon and recent appointee to vice chair of the overview and scrutiny committee. Amanda is straight-talking and passionate and will always put the electorate above party politics. Amanda has seen first-hand how important it is to ensure vital services such as our NHS, Social care and education are managed and financed appropriately.

As these fundamental services provide the essential building blocks for future generations to prosper. As a local Councillor to a rural community Amanda has worked on improving the provision of mobile phone and broadband infrastructure which has supported small rural businesses and the farming community. She is part of a successful district council that has provided housing and other amenities to her community within the budget envelope.

What people say about Amanda Ford. She is an honest, dependable, caring, hardworking individual, who hates to see in justice and always has a professional approach. She truly believes that one should treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.

Andrew Lloyd- Barnsley East

I served for 23 years as an Army Chaplain with postings across the UK, Germany, Cyprus and Belize, Ulster, Balkans, W. Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. Since leaving the forces I have worked in the charity sector ranging from a hospice for children to supporting breakfast clubs for schools and currently as director of a heritage charity. Raised in the North of England I have twice made Yorkshire my home while bringing up a family of three children and have strong family links to South Yorkshire and it's mining industrial history.

It has been a huge privilege to serve people and communities who in turn have inspired me and are the principal reason I am in politics. It is about making a positive difference to lives and livelihoods and my experience has taught me much about the real value of public service and the contributions we can make to our localities


Steven Jackson- Candidate for Wentworth & Dearne 


We face the most important election for a generation.

Residents of Wentworth and Dearne voted decisively to leave the EU, and now must decide who will ensure that we get the best possible deal. Your choice on June 8th is between the strong, stable leadership of Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn propped up by a weak coalition of chaos.

I believe that Brexit means Brexit. Neither Labour nor the Liberal Democrats will respect the referendum result and Labour will not rule out a second referendum. Only by giving Theresa May a clear mandate can we guarantee that Britain will leave the EU.

I am proud to have been selected as Theresa May’s local Conservative candidate for Wentworth and Dearne and I promise to fight for the things that matter - reducing immigration to manageable levels, ensuring our national security and maintaining a strong economy. Labour under Jeremy Corbyn don’t care about immigration, would leave us defenceless and destroy our economy once again.

I don’t come from a political background, I work as an Engineer and got involved as a local Councillor as I am passionate about the things that matter to locally - jobs, education and the cost of living. I promise to build on my track record of fighting for residents to deliver results for you and reverse decades of Labour neglect in our area.

This election gives us a clear choice, between Jeremy Corbyn’s London focused Labour party or Theresa May’s Conservative party who will deliver Brexit and govern for all.